Technalon Car Covers Can Keep Your Car Safe

Having a cover that is four layers thick, will help cushion the car, and stop it from getting bashed about. There are all sorts of causes that can scratch, and or dent a stationary car. With this padding, the car will remain quite wholesome, as the shock will be absorbed by the mater.Covercraft employ a unique method of weaving, together with the polypropylene fibres, that ensure that the Technalon cover is naturally resistant to any rain, sleet, snow or any other liquid. Since it is a natural resistance, the cover will prove to be more durable since the resistance will not wear away with time, as is the case with treated materials. Whilst being waterproof, the cover is also breathable so that the car can perspire whilst covered without getting steamed up and mouldy. Air and moisture is allowed out through the material, and is not absorbed.Being ultra violet resistant, Technalon will save the car from getting ruined by the sun. The finish will be able to stay fresh and shiny, and not get bleached. The car will also not get overheated from standing in the sun when covered, and will not become to unbearably stuffy to drive. The ultra violet resistant feature also ensures that the internal specs of the car do not get ruined in the heat.The finish of the car will be able to remain intact as birds muck, tree sap etc will be prevented from leaving their destructive marks. These stains end up eating away at the paint work, and it is essential that they are kept away, as they are with Technalon.User-friendly Technalon cover has elastic sewn in at the front and back so that there is more give when putting on and taking off. This makes it easier and quicker to do, without compromising on the protection provided. The Technalon is custom made, meaning that is fits the car like a glove . There is, therefore, no room for anything to sneak in, and the protection is at its best. The cover also looks much more classy when it’s a custom size, unlike others that look over-sized and very baggy.

To make the car look even classier, even whilst covered, Technalon comes in a choice of three dashing colours; grey, tan and blue. All three are a great choice for that upper-class-businessman’s-car.Having a Technalon cover will make sure that shady people will not go around snooping into the cars at night. Since they cannot see their target, they are more likely to abandon attacking the car, and it remains safe and secure. The custom size helps this as there is not even space for them too take a peek.Well the holidays are here and will soon be over, If you were lucky and received a vehicle cover as a gift, the first thing you will want to do is try it on your car or other vehicle visit for more information. If you need to return the cover, our company and other company’s require it must be clean and include all the paper work that was sent with it. So, before you run out to put your new cover on your vehicle, please take the time to wash it and then when it is dry try the cover on for size. Then once you have the cover on the vehicle check to see if it fits correctly. Make sure the cover fits the vehicle from front to back without being too loose and covers from the bottom of the frame up.There are many types of covers out there from custom to one size fits all. If you received a custom cover it will have mirror pockets for the mirrors and fit the car or other vehicle like a glove, if it does not fit like a glove then you didn’t get the right cover for your vehicle. Once again make sure the vehicle is clean before you try it on. If there is a lot of loose material then you will want to check with the company you have purchased this cover from to make sure it is the right cover for your vehicle. A lot of companies like ours give you up to 30 days to return the cover clean and with all the paper work for a refund or exchange. Most times the company will not need your receipt for the cover to be refunded or exchanged, they will have the purchases on file and all you will need is the buyer name or your name if the buyer used your name as the ship to address.

Most covers today are semi custom covers and they don’t have mirror pockets and will not fit like a glove, that’s OK, the semi custom cover still does the same job as the custom cover. Once again before you try the new semi custom cover on your vehicle make sure it is clean and dry before you check the cover for size and fit. The cover will have elastic around the bottom in front and back and also have tie down holes in the middle so you can secure the cover in windy conditions. These tie down holes are also good for the use of a cover cable lock to keep people from taking your cover. This cover will not fit like a glove but at the same time shouldn’t be so loose that the cover flaps in the wind. This will cause the cover to wear out quick and may damage your paint job by excessive rubbing.There is one more thing that I would like to bring to your attention that is the antenna patch. Almost all covers come with an antenna patch, this patch will help the cover from coming apart when you make a hole for the antenna. To find the location for the antenna hole first place the antenna all the way down ore if it unscrews take it off, then put the cover on the vehicle (after you have washed it right?). Then find the place where the antenna will come through the cover and make a small hole. The smaller the hole the better, then take the antenna patch and press one on the inside of the cover and the other on the outside. This patch is a stick on, not an iron on, so don’t try to iron this patch as you will melt the cover and damage it. The patches have a protective cover over the sticky part, you must peal the cover off and then stick the patch over the small hole. Then remove the cover and replace the antenna or leave the cover on and raise the antenna through the new hole with the patches in place.Well it’s that time of year when we all are busy buying gifts for all of our friends and family. This year it will be harder than ever to find the money to do this. When it comes to buying gifts this year, we need to think real hard and select a gift that has the most bang for the buck. When I say the most bang for the buck I mean a gift that well help somebody save money. In today’s economy we don’t have money to throw away and we need to give gifts that are useful and will help save money for our friends and family.One of those gifts is a vehicle cover, a vehicle cover will help you save money by protecting your investment. If you have a car, SUV, truck, van, limousine, RV or other vehicle it is a good idea to cover them and keep them from losing their value. When your vehicle sits outside in the environment it will suffer. For instance, the paint fading or scratches and dings from things that come in contact with it. Like, in your driveway or in your garage and even parked in the street, it seems that as hard as you try to protect your vehicle every time your wash it you find those little dings, scratches and damage to the finish.When you take the time to cover your vehicle you will benefit from the time and effort it takes. With a cover you protect your vehicle from people just walking by and rubbing on your car. How many times have you gone out to get in your car and there is somebody leaning up against it or sitting on the front fender or bumper. Even in the garage when you get the trash cans out you run the risk of scratching or dinging the vehicle. The cover won’t just protect the exterior but also protect the interior from drying out your dash and the UV rays from the sun will fade your interior as well.

There is a new cover out this year that could make a great gift for somebody you care about. It’s the iCover or Top Half Cover. This cover only covers the top part of your car. There are many benefits from this cover, like not having to scrape the snow and ice from your windows early in the morning and helping keep your car or SUV from getting too hot in the summer sun. Keeping your valuables out of sight while you are in the store shopping and all your gifts are right there for somebody to steel is also a great use for this cover. This cover only takes a few minutes to install and remove making it one of the hottest items this year in vehicle covers.You went and purchased a new car or other vehicle, and if you are smart you will purchase a cover to protect your investment. Why you might ask? because if you would like to keep that new vehicle look then you need to keep it covered from everything that can take away the shine, luster, and new look finish of the exterior and interior of your new vehicle.If you park your vehicle in a garage you will need a cover to keep the dust off and to protect it from people walking around it and scratching it or even worse, dings from the trash can or other things like the lawn mower etc. So just because you keep your vehicle in the garage dose not mean it is safe from damage.If you park your car or other vehicle under a carport you still should use a cover to protect from bird droppings, dust, pets and many other things that can damage the exterior of your vehicle. It also will help in keeping away people that may want to steel your car, car stereo and other accessories. Having a cover on your vehicle can be a big plus.If you park your vehicle outside like in the street or driveway, then you have even more reason to protect the interior and exterior. When your vehicle is outside in the sun, rain, wind, storms there are many types of damage your vehicle is exposed to. The UV rays from the sun can damage the exterior finish and the interior dash and seats. The exterior can be damaged by bird droppings, acid rain, pets, kids, etc. Risk of theft is also decreased when your vehicle is covered.When your vehicle is parked outside the best thing you can do to keep that new look is a quality cover like the Elite Supreme cover with 4 layers to protect your vehicle, this cover is good for indoor and outdoor use, there are 3 layers to protect your vehicle from damage from the weather, dirt, dust, scratches, dings, UV rays and more, the 4th layer is made of fleece to protect your vehicles finish.


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